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Leisure and environment plans and policies

Strategies, plans and policies for leisure and environment.

Countryside Access Plan 2007-2017

The Countryside Access Plan was adopted by the authority in October 2007 and assesses the present condition of the countryside access resource (public footpaths, bridleways and access land) in our city and county.

Drainage and coastal management

Managing the drainage and coastal environment in Swansea.

Swansea Local Biodiversity Action Plan

In 2005 the Swansea Biodiversity Partnership produced a document called "Promoting Swansea's Natural Environment: A Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan".

Local flood risk management strategy

The local flood risk management strategy will be developed by the council to balance the needs of communities, the economy and the environment.

Beaches Management Plan 2021-2023

The BMP is in place to ensure the good management of Council-run beaches and that authority maintains Blue Flag status for Caswell Bay, Langland Bay and Port Eynon / Horton.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

A preliminary flood risk assessment is a high-level assessment of local flood risk and historic and potential floods to help identify where future floods may cause a risk.

Flood Risk Management Plan 2015

Under The Flood Risk Regulations 2009 there is a requirement for all Lead Local Flood Authorities which have a Flood Risk Area to publish a Flood Risk Management Plan for that area before 22nd December 2015.

Regenerating our City for Wellbeing and Wildlife

This green infrastructure strategy, published jointly by Swansea Council and Natural Resources Wales, is designed to bring more nature into the Swansea Central Area.

Mumbles coastal protection project

We're upgrading and refurbishing the Mumbles coastal sea defences.

Destination Management Plan (DMP)

'Back on Track' is Swansea's Destination Management Plan for 2023-2026.