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Mumbles Coastal Protection Project

We are planning an upgrade and refurbishment of the existing coastal sea defences at Mumbles over the next two years.

Welsh Government logoIn 2015 the Welsh Government launched the Coastal Risk Management Programme, whereby funding was made available for local authorities across Wales to undertake first stage studies or project appraisals, to define issues and identify broad solutions for areas that were at risk of flooding. The aim of the available funding is to reduce the risk of flooding caused by rising sea levels and climate change.


Location and proposed improvements

The proposed works will seek to enhance the coastal defences over a length of approximately one kilometre along the existing sea front.

The existing sea defence wall at Mumbles protects the surrounding village and its amenities. It is comprised of a number of sections of vertical sea wall and sloping revetment which support the promenade, providing a pedestrian, cyclist and local leisure train route.

PDF Document Mumbles Coastal Protection Scheme - Promenade (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window 

PDF Document Mumbles Coastal Protection Scheme - Site Location / Extent (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window

The wall and revetment are constructed from mass concrete and due to their age, are beginning to show a number of structural defects. The sloping masonry revetment towards Knab Rock requires frequent localised annual repairs to fill in voids which are appearing due to coastal erosion and the vertical wall towards Oystermouth Square is too, showing signs of structural distress.

The proposed works will involve the enhancement of the coastal defences to repair or replace the existing structures. It is anticipated that the construction will provide a flood defence with significant betterment, whilst also seeking to provide further opportunities and wider benefits for regeneration and tourism.

Examples of the current sea defences are shown below, clearly showing the poor structural conditions which demands attention.

  Existing sea wall evidencing signs of distress due to regular wave impacts
Existing sea wall evidencing signs of distress due to regular wave impact

  Exposed toe and surface cracks along mass concrete walls
Exposed toe and surface cracks along mass concrete wall



Stakeholder consultation has begun with an initial public event held at the Victoria Hall, Mumbles in November 2019 which was very well attended. More of these events are planned and will be held over the coming months, to fully inform the community of the project status.

We will be appointing our preferred detailed design consultants over the coming months, leading to an escalation in community engagement and consultation and portrayal of various design solutions and options.

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