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Beaches Management Plan 2021-2023

The BMP is in place to ensure the good management of Council-run beaches and that authority maintains Blue Flag status for Caswell Bay, Langland Bay and Port Eynon / Horton.


The BMP covers five Council-run beaches, which are key to the destination, both in terms of residents and visitor economy:

  • Langland Bay - Blue Flag
  • Caswell Bay - Blue Flag
  • Horton/Port Eynon - Blue Flag
  • Bracelet Bay - Green Coast
  • Swansea Bay - SSSI

The BMP aims to manage those beaches efficiently, raise quality and retain their Blue Flag / Green Coast / SSSi status.

Strategic Priorities

  • Overall operational management
  • Improved facilities, infrastructure and public realms
  • Safety management
  • Environmental and biodiversity management
  • Transport and accessibility
  • Stakeholder engagement

Members of Beaches Management Group

Regular meetings typically include representatives from Tourism (Chair), Community Partnership & Destination (Secretariat), Parks & Cleansing, Highways & Car Parks, Water Safety, Environmental Health, AONB and Countryside, Nature Conservation, Drainage and Coastal Defence, Safer Swansea, Estates, Transport and the RNLI.

Frequency of meetings

  • March: pre-bathing season meeting
  • May/June: pre-summer season meeting
  • Oct: post-season meeting
  • Nov-Feb: 3 x sub-group meetings on specific themes and actions


  • 6 meetings a year
  • Up-to-date Beaches Management Action Plan
  • Annual progress report to Director 

If you'd like to find out more about the plan and its implementation, please contact 

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