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Household estimates

Annual household estimates for local authorities in Wales are produced by the Welsh Government.

Household estimates are produced by making assumptions about household size and composition and applying these assumptions to population estimates. They are important for the public sector and other users who need to consider recent trends in housing demand - in order to plan for the future, provide housing and deliver services. The estimates are also used to calculate rates and other statistics, and are available by household type in terms of numbers of adults and children.

Latest estimates

The latest official mid-year household estimates are those for mid-2018. These estimates suggest that there were around 108,900 households in Swansea in 2018, within a total of 1.359 million households in Wales.

Between 2008 and 2018, the estimated number of households in Swansea increased by around 8,200 (+8.2%), with average household size decreasing over this period from 2.28 to 2.22 people.

In these estimates, single adult households and 2 adult 0 child households are the most common household types in Swansea, with notable increases between 2008 and 2018 in these household types plus the 4+ adult 0 child categories. By contrast, the number of households with 2 adults and more than 1 child decreased over the period.

A PDF Document briefing note (PDF, 958KB)Opens new window is available which outlines the latest household estimates for Swansea and recent change, including by household type.

Related statistics

  • Household Projections:  2018-based local authority household projections were published by the Welsh Government in February 2020, and cover the 25-year period to 2043.
  • 2011 Census data:  The initial results from the 2011 Census, released in July 2012, provided estimates of the number of households in Swansea, with later releases providing further statistics on household characteristics and composition.  Summary statistics from the 2011 Census on a range of population and household characteristics are available here.

Further information on the household estimates is also available via the Welsh Government's 'Statistics and Research'Opens new window pages. If you have any enquiries regarding this information, or require further demographic statistics for Swansea, please contact us

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