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Reablement in the community

Short-term support designed to enable older or disabled people to live as independently as possible at home.

Reablement services are a flexible short-term programme - normally for a maximum of six weeks - to support people with poor physical or mental health, or a disability to regain or maintain independence. Reablement services build on what individuals can do and support them to regain confidence and independence in their own home and manage as many daily living tasks as possible on their own.

Reablement support

The Integrated Domiciliary Care Service brings together social care and health staff to provide a reablement service which aims to enable people to live as independently as possible. This may include:

  • Care at home - help with personal care and day-to-day tasks until you feel strong enough, or confident enough, to do things for yourself.
  • Occupational therapy - learning easier ways to do things around the home, and using equipment that can help you be more independent.
  • Information about 'lifeline' community alarms or other equipment that will help you feel safer at home.
  • Links with community services - information about groups or organisations in your local community that can give you the less intensive support you will need in the longer term. 

Convalescing at home

Convalescing at home after a stay in hospital has now become the accepted practice in communities throughout Wales.

It can be difficult to cope for the first few days and people feel lost and alone after they security of the ward setting. People often forget that they have been unwell, and that recovery takes time. This can lead to frustration and feelings of anxiety, both for you and your family. These feelings are very normal. We encourage you to be kind to yourself to help you towards a speedy recovery.

After the reablement period

After the reablement period, we will reassess your needs. These are likely to have changed after a period of intensive support. We can then work out what, if any, long-term support services we need to put in place for you.

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