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Care at home

If you are finding it difficult to manage with your personal care needs, home care services may be able to help you cope with daily living.

Some people start to find it harder to manage day-to-day living at home because they are getting older or frailer, or because of the impact of a disability or illness. A service which provides practical or personal care for someone in their own home can help someone keep their independence.

Such services have a number of names, including home care, domiciliary care and care at home, but they all refer to a service where someone comes to your home on a regular basis to carry out those personal or household tasks that you are not able to do for yourself.

Personal care can include help with getting up and going to bed, bathing, dressing, meals and medication. Practical support may include help with housework, shopping and going out.

Care at home is provided through Social Services for people who have been assessed as having high levels of personal care needs.

Sometimes people only need care at home for a short time to get back on track after an illness or a stay in hospital. This sort of short-term care is provided by social care and health staff working together and will focus on helping you to do things for yourself so that you will be able to manage on your own again.

For people who are not eligible for support from Social Services, or who prefer to make their own arrangements, there are a number of domiciliary care agencies in the Swansea area which provide both personal care and practical support. 

Domiciliary Care Agencies

Domiciliary care agencies, also known as home care, can provide both personal care and practical support to people who need some extra support at home.

Care and Support at Home

Information about Home Care Services (Domiciliary Care) provided through Social Services.

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