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Community Alarm and Telecare Service notice


The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on us all and like other services we will have to make changes to prioritise the services we provide.


Over the coming weeks we will be prioritising installations and collections to ensure that we have the resources available to safely discharge patients from hospital, as well as meeting the needs of our most vulnerable patients in the community.


We will be prioritising installation orders which are considered to be critical.  Faults and repairs will continue as normal to ensure safe operation of equipment already installed in the community.  If you have any enquiries, please contact,

Community Alarms (Lifelines)

Community alarms ("Lifelines") provide an emergency telephone link for older and disabled people.

The alarm allows someone to get in touch with medical and emergency services quickly and reliably, even if they are unable to get to the telephone or aren't able to speak.  

Users of the service have a community alarm unit installed in their home, which is connected to the telephone line. This unit is radio controlled by a pendant that is worn around the neck or attached to clothing. If the user has a fall or for some other reason needs help, he or she presses a button on the pendant. It sends out a signal to the telephone which contacts the Community Alarm Service Control Centre, which is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Anyone who thinks that they may benefit from the peace of mind provided can apply for a community alarm. There is no need to have an assessment of your needs.

The annual charge is:

£150.80 exclusive VAT (four quarterly instalments of £37.70)

£180.96 inclusive VAT (four quarterly instalments of £45.24) - this charge is only applicable if you are liable to pay VAT ie. you have not completed a VAT exemption form.

Price is valid from 1 April 2020 and is subject to annual review as set out in the council's agreed charging policy. The council reserves the right to vary such charges by means of an annual review and with at least 14 days written notice.

You can find out  more information about Community Alarms (Lifelines) here.

Community Alarm Service

Information about the Community Alarm Service in Swansea (Factsheet 11)

Terms and Conditions of Service

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions set out by the Community Alarm Service.

Apply online for a community alarm (Lifeline)

Lifeline initial application form

Community Alarm Service - Important information

Important information about your alarm

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