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Conservation areas review

We have a duty to formulate and publish policies and proposals for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas.

The conservation area review will produce:

  1. An up to date 'character appraisal' identifying the character of the area including buildings and spaces, plus positive and negative features.
  2. A 'management plan' which indicates how the character of the area will be preserved and enhanced by a variety of means including development control, management of the public realm and potential environmental enhancements.
  3. A 'boundary review' to see if any areas should be added or excluded.

The conservation area appraisal will be produced in consultation with local communities and stakeholders and the final documents will be adopted as supplementary planning guidance to the unitary development plan (policies EV9 and EV10) and the subsequent local development plan.

Mumbles Conservation Area Review

Mumbles Conservation Area review addendum - 2020.

Morriston conservation area - review complete

Morriston conservation area has been reviewed and the expanded boundary/ character appraisal/ management plan was adopted as supplementary planning guidance (SPG) in November 2017.

Ffynone and Uplands conservation area - review complete

In 2013 we appointed consultants (Conservation Studio) to undertake a review of the Ffynone conservation area to reassess the special architectural and historical value. This included a boundary review.

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