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Child and Family Services - What we do

Information about how Swansea Social Services provide advice and support to children and their families

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At Child and Family Social Services we believe that children have a right to live in a safe and happy environment, to be respected for who they are and to be given opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes and their full potential. 

We know that  families sometimes need a bit of extra help.  Teachers, health visitors and other services that work with children and families can provide information and support.  

Our Advice, Information and Support for Families pages provide a range of information about these.

Also,in Swansea anyone can contact the Child and Family Information, Advice and Assistance (I,A&A) service  to have a discussion and get help. 

We work with and support those families with children under the age of 18 who are in greatest need. For example, we help

  • Disabled children
  • Parents who need extra support to help them look after their children safely 
  • Children and young people who are at risk of being neglected,  harmed or sexually exploited
  • Children and young people in trouble with the law
  • People who would like to provide a home for a child through fostering or adoption

Families living in the City and County of Swansea can contact us themselves to ask for help or advice. Sometimes people such as teachers or health visitors will contact us to see whether we can offer a family extra support. 

When someone contacts us, we will ask questions to help us understand what is happening in your family, whether support is needed and who is the best person or organisation to help you.

Sometimes there is no need for Social Services to get involved, but we can give information and advice , and discuss other organisations which may be able to help with the situation. 

If it seems that there is a need for us to become more involved , a social worker will visit and talk to you about the support and help you need.   This is known as an assessment .  

In some circumstances we have a legal duty to take action, even if the family has not asked for our help. We must protect any child whose safety, health and wellbeing may be at risk if they do not receive help.

Contact The Child and Family Information, Advice and Assistance Service by telephone on 01792 635700 or by email at

If your case is open to a social worker call 01792 635180.

Assessment of Children and their Families

An assessment helps Social Services and families to look together at the current situation and what might need to happen next.

What families say about us

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