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More about the 'Single Point of Contact'

When you contact us, we ask questions so we can understand what is happening to you and your family, this will help us decide if support is needed and find the best help for you.

We explore strengths and risks in families, in order to stabilise and strengthen a child and family's situation.

We aim to inform, support and empower them to make choices to stay safe, happy and well.

Support might be from within their natural network of family or friends, but could also be from places in their communities like charities.

We do this because it helps us achieve what matters to children, young people, families and their networks, and it is also part in line with the principles of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 and Wales Safeguarding Procedures (2019) which focuses on working with people, in partnership, and the prevention of escalating needs.

Families living in the city and county of Swansea can contact us themselves to ask for help or advice. Sometimes people such as teachers or health visitors also contact us to see whether we can offer a family extra support.

What happens when you contact us

When you contact us, a qualified social worker from the Integrated Information Advice and Assistance team (known as the IIAA) will ask questions to help us understand what is happening in the family. We determine whether support is needed and who the best person or organisation would be to help you.

One visit with us will assess the help you need.

We can talk to the child, young person and family about what matters, and look at how that can be achieved, this can be through:

  • giving you information and advice;
  • arranging early help or support from the council;
  • finding you support from other organisations; or
  • deciding that the support your child or family needs requires a social worker.

The discussions, assessments and support will be balanced to meet the needs of the family.

If it seems that the support you need requires a social worker, a visit will be arranged so they can talk to your family to assess the help you need.

If there are child protection concerns, child and family services will always need to be involved, and there will be a care and support protection plan in place.


As well as the Integrated Information Advice and Assistance (IIAA), SPOC is also home to the Safeguarding Hub, Family Wellbeing Team, Domestic Abuse Hub and the Child Sexual Exploitation / Criminal Exploitation Hub.


Practitioner/ professional referral - Child and Family Service

Practitioner request for information, advice and assistance from the Early Help Hubs or the Single Point of Contact at Swansea Council.

Safeguarding children

Making sure that children are safe and protected is everyone's responsibility. This is also known as safeguarding children.

Swansea Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Families living in Swansea can contact SPOC themselves to ask for help or advice.