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Library service - digital services acceptable use policy

1. Conditions of access

The Library Service provides free access to public PCs for all library members.

The Library Service provides free wifi via a registration process that requires the provision of a valid email address and agreement to associated terms and conditions. Customers are required to re-register every 3 months.

Guest membership can be arranged in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of library staff. It is not permitted to use somebody else's library membership to access library digital services. Library members who owe fees or charges may not be allowed permission to use the digital services until outstanding accounts are settled.

Young people under 16 years old require the consent of a parent or guardian to use the library PCs. This can be verbal or written. It is the parent or carer's responsibility to monitor and manage use of the Internet and library computers by children and young people in their care. If you are concerned about the content a child may access using a library computer or wifi we request that parents / carers accompany children on their library visit.

There is a default daily limit of 2 hours per day on the use of library PCs in order to ensure there is availability for all users. This can be extended at the discretion of library staff subject to availability.

Technical or other problems may sometimes prevent access to the computer service and Swansea Libraries cannot accept responsibility for computers being slow or not available, or for any failure beyond its control.

Information on how to access library computers and wifi can be found here: Wifi, computers and printing

2. Use of the internet

All access to the internet in libraries is filtered but this does not guarantee that all offensive sites will be blocked. Equally, some web sites may be incorrectly filtered.  If users believe a site should be blocked, or is inappropriately blocked, please inform a member of staff.

Users are reminded they are choosing to use a public, shared network. The Library Service assumes no liability for any loss, damage or injury, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of using the equipment or through the use of its wifi facilities (where applicable).

Users are reminded that when using facilities it is their responsibility to defend against virus threats and that home computers, laptops and mobile devices should be adequately covered with the latest security software.

Users can retain work via saving to personal cloud storage, a USB drive or other external device but not to the computer hard drive as it may be temporarily available to other users, before the computer is rebooted for the next session.

3. The internet and your responsibility

The Library Service accepts no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, validity or availability of information accessed through the internet. It is the user's responsibility to assess the accuracy of information available via the internet and to ensure their use of material is in line with the requirements of copyright legislation.

4. Prohibited uses of library digital services

  1. Obtaining, displaying or distributing material which could be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, racist or abusive
  2. Distribution of unsolicited advertising or spam
  3. Attempting to make unauthorised access to other computers or networks
  4. Alterations of the setup of the computers or to the software running on them or engaging in any sort of malicious attack via the network
  5. Any illegal or unlawful activity

For full library membership terms and conditions including use of ICT please see: Join Swansea Libraries

Data protection and the retention of personal data

Swansea Council respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting it in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. Swansea Council is the data controller for the personal information you provide as part of your membership of Swansea Libraries and in the use of its digital services. Swansea Libraries undertake to hold, maintain and use this data in accordance with the council's data protection policy and terms of the council's privacy notice: Privacy notice