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Sign up to become a member for free online or at any of our 17 libraries to start enjoying the full range of benefits.

Benefits of being a member of Swansea Libraries:


Sign up online to become a library member (opens new window)

If you are already a full member of Swansea Libraries, you do not need to register again to access all our online resources. When you register, we can check our database on the basis of the information provided, to ensure as best we can that we do not hold any previous registrations and therefore avoid duplicate memberships.

After completing the online form you will receive a welcome message containing your temporary library number and confirming your PIN. You will need this information to access your account.

You will then need to visit your chosen library with your temporary library number and one proof of identity which shows your name and address (for example a driver's licence, bank statement or utility bill) to receive your permanent library number and card which will give you full membership. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

You can also join in person by visiting any library in Swansea with proof of identity as described above.

You can access your account at anytime (opens new window) using your library number and PIN.


Terms and conditions


Online membership entitles you to use our digital collections such as eBooks, audiobooks and downloads. When you join online you will be given a library ID number and PIN of your choosing, for your own personal use.

Full library membership entitles you to use all library services provided by Swansea Libraries and our partner organisations. When you have joined as a full member, you will be given a library membership card and a PIN, for your own personal use.

Some library services are charged for: Library charges and online payment

  • Library members are required to present their library membership card when they borrow items and use library computers.
  • As a library member you are responsible for all items borrowed on your library card, including any lost / damaged items which may need to be paid for, and for the payment of any late fees or charges accrued on your library account. If the card is lost the library must be notified. Replacement cards may be charged for.
  • You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details, for example change of address. You can also do this by logging in online: (opens new window)
  • You reserve the right to terminate your account at any time.
  • Should you wish to cancel your library membership, you must return all items you have borrowed and return your membership card for cancellation. If there are any outstanding charges on your library account you will be expected to pay them.

Use of library computers and wifi 

  • To use our public computers you will require a library membership number and PIN (occasional use on a guest basis can be facilitated where necessary). Membership is not required for WiFi use but registration is via a valid email address. Library members' internet access is not transferable to any other person.
  • All PC / wifi users must agree to the acceptable use policy: Digital services acceptable use policy
  • Only the software which we have installed on our computers may be used.
  • If you are under 16 years old you will require consent from parent, guardian or carer for your use of public PCs.
  • It is the responsibility of the person giving consent for use of public PCs to monitor and manage use of the internet and library computers by children in their care.
  • Internet access is filtered; and access is recorded and logged. The specific content of any activity and transactions will not be actively monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use.
  • Illegal or unlawful violations of the acceptable use policy may be referred for legal action or to the police, with due regard to information sharing protocols and the legal responsibilities of the council.
  • Use of public computers and internet will require the processing of personal data and our commitment to protecting that data is detailed below.

Data protection and the retention of personal data

Swansea Council respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting it in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation.

Swansea Council is the data controller for the personal information you provide as part of your membership of Swansea Libraries. Swansea Libraries undertake to hold, maintain and use this data in accordance with the council's data protection policy and terms of the council's privacy notice: Privacy notice

The information you provide us when you join the library is necessary for the performance of the contract between us. Failure to supply this information may result in the termination of our contract.

Use of the library

  • Customers are asked to please be courteous and respectful to other library users and staff.
  • Any abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff or customers will not be tolerated and will be dealt with via the council's unreasonable behaviour policy: Behaviour policy
  • Theft of library items may result in legal action and / or criminal prosecution.
  • Most items are free to borrow for the specified loan period. Overdue charges and any hire charges are detailed on our charges notice (Library charges and online payment). Customers will be charged for overdue items to a maximum charge of £5 per item. Please take measures to pay any fines or charges and return borrowed items promptly.
  • Long overdue items will assumed to be lost and the cost of the book will be charged to the customers' account.
  • To use the library's digital resources or PCs or to borrow material you will be required to become a library member and conditions of the use are detailed above.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any re-use you make of material from the collections or accessing or use of material via our public access network complies with all applicable legislation including intellectual property and copyright legislation:
  • Customers are requested to refrain from wearing inappropriate clothing, fro example beach wear, wet clothing and to take measures to manage their personal hygiene to prevent offence to other library customers and damage to library property.
  • Personal audio equipment with headphones is allowed, but please ensure nothing is audible to other library customers.
  • It is not permissible to take photos or film in the library without consent. An application to film or photograph in the library can be made via the council (Filming in Swansea), and photographing or filming other members of the public or staff will require their prior consent.
  • Mobile phones may be used but any conversations which are or could disturb others should be taken outside of the main library area.
  • Any permitted photography must be undertaken with due consideration to the collections, library staff, and other visitors.
  • Eating / drinking should be kept to a minimum. Please be considerate to other users at all times. You may be asked refrain or to relocate to an alternative area to consume items.
  • Consumption or use of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances is not permitted.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes included, is not permitted in any of our buildings.
  • In the event of emergency evacuation, follow the directions of library staff.
  • Personal property is brought into the library at your own risk.
  • It is not permissible to leave items belonging to users at library sites.

These general terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the Libraries Byelaws (made under Section 19 of the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 by the City and County of Swansea) - available on request.

These conditions are not exhaustive and we may revise these conditions at any time and ask you to refrain from any other activities which lead to offence at any time. Any changes will be notified via our website. By continuing to use our services, after we notify a change of condition, you are agreeing to these revised terms and conditions of use.

Library Services Manager
Swansea Council Libraries, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN
01792 636430

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