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Equalities Statistics Review

January 2020

In late 2019, we undertook a review of the available published statistics around population characteristics related to equalities; in order to understand the diversity of Swansea's population, how it has changed and what may happen in future.  The  PDF Document Equalities Statistics Review (PDF, 895KB)Opens new window document looks at a series of key equalities indicators for Swansea, presenting the latest available statistics and providing some commentary and analysis on what the data shows. 

The document considers the following characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010:

  1.  Age
  2.  Disability
  3.  Gender reassignment
  4.  Marriage and civil partnership
  5.  Pregnancy and maternity
  6.  Race
  7.  Religion or belief
  8.  Sex
  9.  Sexual orientation.

An overall summary table showing the latest key population indicators is on page 2, with the following information included in separate chapters for each characteristic (as far as available):

  • An outline of relevant data sources available for the characteristic
  • A summary of the available key statistics for Swansea and national comparisons
  • Any local variations within Swansea, for example via Census data
  • An indication of change over time (from the data sources used)
  • Potential future trends, where possible to identify.

This is the first edition of the Equalities Statistics Review; it is planned that updated information and any new data sources and will be added to future versions of the review.

If you would like any additional statistical information about the characteristics of Swansea's population, or have any other queries regarding these statistics, please contact us.

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