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Digital strategy

The council faces significant challenges and radical change to how services will be delivered and accessed in the future, whist competing with unprecedented levels of budgetary constraints.

Our digital business strategy is critical for us to thrive and survive in an increasingly digital world. Customer insight is a key part of our service to improve outcomes, engagement, income and savings. We will strive to build a model to focus on how customers will access digital services and what skills will be needed for delivery based on current and predicted future demand.

The digital business approach can deliver a wide range of benefits, not only to people and businesses (Swansea residents and businesses, staff, partners, schools, visitors, suppliers and students), but also vital financial and process efficiencies.

However the approach also means transformation enabled by technology. This is not about sticking with existing business processes or doing more with less. The digital business represents a whole Council approach to supporting residents of Swansea by delivering services differently and more efficiently.

There are a number of forces which inform the approach:

  • mobile working for staff and schools is becoming business critical and residents increasingly use mobile technology to access services
  • social use of digital channels is increasing therefore resident engagement via social media continues to increase and demand for online services is growing. In this context, Swansea Council staff and Councillors also bring their own digital business aspirations, based on personal interactions with other organisations
  • information sharing continues to be vital in supporting vulnerable people and enabling intelligent decisions in priority areas
  • cloud solutions are an innovative way to provide services, as they become more established they present an increasingly efficient and cost effective way to support all of the above.

For further information, please download our  Aspiring to a Digital Business 2020 (PDF) [304KB]

The staff responsible for delivering our Digital strategy are as follows:

  • Cabinet Member for Business Improvement and Performance - Councillor Andrew Stevens
  • Chief Transformation Officer and Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) - Sarah Lackenby
  • Digital Services Manager - Jo Harley

All staff can be contacted via our general telephone number (during office hours): 01792 636000.