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Climate action - Green infrastructure strategy

This strategy considers how green infrastructure can be increased in Swansea.

Green infrastructure is a term used to describe all the greenspace, soil, vegetation and water (ranging from parks to roof gardens) that provide the ecosystem services that make our cities liveable.

This green infrastructure strategy considers how green infrastructure can be increased in Swansea in order to make it better adapted to climate change and better for people and wildlife.

The Kingsway goes green as Swansea points to the future

Stunning new drone imagery shows how one of Swansea city centre's key areas has gone green - and is a signpost to a greener future.

Picturesque Clyne walking and cycling route open to all

Some of Swansea's finest woodland is now open to all thanks to a new walking and cycling path linking Olchfa to the sea via Clyne Valley.

Developer praise for Swansea's green vision

Swansea has a real chance to become a UK flagbearer for decarbonisation and well-being, according to a city developer.

Castle Square Gardens: Public to shape its green and welcoming future

A greener, more welcoming future for a major Swansea focal point could move a big step closer next week.

New 'green' bus shelters in Swansea will help improve air quality

Swansea is set to have its first installation of environmentally friendly bus shelters along main public transport routes in the city.

New greenery planted alongside key city gateway

Plenty of greenery has now been planted alongside a key Swansea city centre gateway to give it a fresh new look.

Key shopping street set to go green for brighter future

One of Swansea's most historic shopping streets is set to go green.

Prestigious royal 'green' title to be given to Swansea

SWANSEA is set to be a Queen's Green Canopy Champion City as part of celebrations of the monarch's Platinum Jubilee.

Dragon Hotel bids to become city's latest green landmark

One of Swansea city centre's most well-known buildings could get a fresh new look - with three tall green walls.

Regenerating our City for Wellbeing and Wildlife

This green infrastructure strategy, published jointly by Swansea Council and Natural Resources Wales, is designed to bring more nature into the Swansea Central Area.

Green roof information

A green roof or living roof is a roof which is totally or partially covered with vegetation.

Green / living walls information

A living wall, also sometimes described as a green and living wall or green wall, is a wall totally or partially covered in vegetation.
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