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Ambition and vision for Swansea

The council and its partners through the Local Service Board have a shared ambition and vision for Swansea.

Our ambition

  • Swansea is a unique city by the sea. It is a green, safe, caring and friendly city that values learning and its public services and we want it to stay that way.
  • Swansea is a city that is passionate about its sport, history and culture and these are things worth celebrating.
  • But we also want Swansea to be a healthier, fairer and more economically active place, a city that offers more for children and young people.
  • We want to work together to make Swansea a better place and improve community wellbeing in a way that is democratic, involves everyone and does not compromise the needs of future generations.

Our vision is that Swansea will be a desirable place to live, work and visit that:

  • Capitalises on the distinctive relationship between its vibrant urban areas and outstanding rural and coastal environments.
  • Supports a competitive and prosperous economy that acts as a focal point for the wider Swansea Bay City Region.
  • Is a thriving city centre destination that offers excellent shopping facilities and supports leisure and business opportunities, capitalising on its proximity to the waterfront.
  • Promotes sustainable, distinct communities, in both urban and rural locations, that benefit from sufficient good quality accommodation, supporting infrastructure, community facilities and opportunities for recreation.
  • Celebrates and conserves its unique natural heritage and cultural and historic environments.

Population outcomes

To compliment this vision for Swansea as a place, these are the population (shared) outcomes that the council and its partners through the Local Service Board want to focus on through the one Swansea plan; the conditions we want for our communities: 

A.  Children have a good start in life

B.  People learn successfully

C.  Young people and adults have good jobs

D.  People have a decent standard of living

E.  People are healthy, safe and independent

F.  People have good places to live and work

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Last modified on 08 November 2021