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Adults with a physical or mobility impairment

Information and support for people with a physical or mobility impairment.

We want to help and encourage disabled people to live as independently as possible at home, have opportunities to get out and about, and find ways to adapt to their impairment.

We can provide specialist advice, support and practical assistance for adults with a disability who have difficulty managing. Services might include:

  • equipment and adaptations to help someone manage at home
  • training and skills to maximise independence
  • assistance with personal care.

Before you can receive any of these services we would need to carry out an assessment of your needs.

Social Services has a team which includes specialist social workers and care managers who support people with mobility impairment. They, along with our Occupational Therapists can provide a range of information and practical support.

We can also offer short-term rehabilitation support to people with a physical impairment. The aim is to enable people to find new ways of doing things that they are finding difficult, and to look for practical solutions to encourage greater independence.

To use this service you would first need to have an assessment of your needs.

Registering as disabled

In order to register as disabled, you must have a disability or impairment which is both substantial and enduring, for example, it is expected to last longer than 12 months. Registration is voluntary.

Most of the services, benefits and concessions available to disabled people only require people to meet the criteria to be registered and not actually to register. However there are a few benefits which are only available to people who register as disabled.


Rehabilitation services for adults with a physical impairment

Information for adults who need rehabilitation services from Social Services and how you can apply.

Registering as disabled

All local authorities are required to keep a register of disabled people, however registration is voluntary.
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