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Car park payment machines

Information about the payment machines in our car parks.

The machines are a hassle-free way to pay for your parking using contactless, cards or cash. If you've parked at an airport or a paid-for car park in other cities, you may have seen similar systems in operation.

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Pay and display machines

Solar machines: You need to press the power on button to wake up the machine. Once the machine is awake, the process is the same for both mains and solar machines:

Coin payments

  1. Select language
  2. Please insert registration number
  3. Insert coins to required amount
  4. Press green button
  5. Ticket issued

Card payments

  1. Select language
  2. Please insert registration number
  3. Press card payment button
  4. Select amount by pressing + button
  5. Do you want a receipt?
    • Green: yes
    • Red: no
  6. Please insert or tap card to make payment
  7. Ticket issued
    • Receipt issued if requested

App payments

Pay via the MiPermit app - available to download for Android and Apple devices. For more information go to


Barrier parking machines

Why are they ticketless?

You don't need the hassle of picking up a ticket to pay for parking because the system does all the work using camera systems to recognise your car on entry and exit.

So, what do I need to do?

Apart from not taking a ticket, you don't need to do anything different when you come into the car park or when you leave.

  1. You pass into the car park as normal. An automatic number plate recognition camera takes your number plate as you come in so you don't need a ticket.
  2. On your way back to your car you type in your number plate at the payment point and pay for your parking in the usual way by cash, contactless or card. There's a choice button on the keypad so you can do it in English or Welsh.
  3. You exit the car park when the camera recognises your number plate and raises the barrier. If you've forgotten to pay, you can pay using contactless or card at the exit point

What if I've forgotten to pay at the machine?

No problem. Although it's easier to pay using the pay on foot machines found on each floor, you can pay contactless or by card at the exit point

Do I need to remember my registration number?

Yes. You need to type it into the machine at the payment point so that your car is identified and you can pay for the time you've been parked.

What about Sundays when parking is free?

Sunday parking at the Quadrant will stay free of charge. Customers won't need to use the payment points as barriers will be raised automatically at entry and exit points when they're approached by a car.

Is the technology new?

No. It's been in use for many years. It's called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and it's used in paid-for and free car parks up and down the country. For example if you go to a supermarket car park or a motorway services car park where free parking might be limited to two hours, it will be an ANPR system which identifies your car on entry and on exit.

What if I need advice?

It's easy to get used to because the only change is that you don't need a ticket. But in the early days we'll have staff available at the entry point and at payment machines to help explain.

I'm a blue badge-holder? How does the system recognise me?

Blue badge holders pay the same rate as other car park users. Dedicated car parking spaces are available as normal.

I am a permit holder. How am I affected?

We have informed the major business organisations who have permits arranged with us. If you need further information about the changes you may need to make as part of this process, please check

Can I use the MiPermit App at the Quadrant?

No. MiPermit is for our pay and display car parks only.



If you would like to ask for a refund because of a problem with a payment machine - please email or post a letter to Parking Services, PO Box 588, Swansea SA1 9GD.

Include a detailed explanation why you are asking for a refund. Please note that refunds will not be made for overpayments unless there is a fault with the machine.

Please give your full name and postal address, as not all refunds can be credited back onto cards and cheques may have to be posted out.

Checks will be carried out to make sure the refund can be given, this is for audit purposes. If no refund can be given a response will be sent with a full explanation.

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