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Blue Badges for organisations

If the organisation uses a vehicle to transport disabled people who would normally get a badge themselves they may be able to get a Blue Badge for the organisation.

To qualify the organisation must also be responsible for the care of the disabled people as well as their transportation. If only a few people cared for by the organisation meet the eligibility criteria for a badge, the disabled people themselves should apply, rather than have one given to an organisation. This then allows the badge holders to use their badge in any vehicle in which they are travelling.

You should telephone us on 01792 637366 to make an appointment at the Civic Centre. If you think you might have difficulty in accessing the Civic Centre, please mention this when you telephone us and we will tell you about the arrangements we have made that will help you. We will take some details off you to check if you meet any of the criteria.

If it looks like you will be entitled to a Blue Badge, we will also tell you what evidence we will need you to bring when you come to the contact centre. 

Using the badge

The Blue Badge will come with a Blue Badges: organisational rights and responsibilities booklet which gives information on how and when the badge should be used, including where you can and can't park. All employees of the organisation who are responsible for transporting disabled people should know the rules of the scheme so that they do not unknowingly misuse the badge.

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