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Citizens' climate change pledges to inspire others to take action

People and organisations who want to help Swansea tackle the climate emergency can now publicly express their aims on a new web page.

The online pledge page

The online pledge page

The council's online Climate Pledge Wall allows individuals and groups take a swift and simple step to tell others how they're helping the planet.

Each online pledge from citizens of all ages, businesses, schools and community or voluntary groups will explain how the signatory is playing their part in helping Swansea become greener and carbon net zero.

The council aims to become net zero by 2030 and to make the city net zero by 2050.

Andrea Lewis, the council's joint deputy leader, said: "To really make a difference and to deliver the Swansea we want for future generations, action is needed from everyone now.

"I urge local people and groups to make their pledges online and inspire others to take positive action.

"It's easy to do and will help the whole city become greener and more environmentally friendly at this time of climate crisis."

Great ideas for individual pledges include changing to a 100% renewable energy supplier, reducing your amount of driving by walking or riding a bike - and shopping locally to cut emissions.

Local businesses and community groups are also being urged to make their pledge setting how they will contribute to a net zero Swansea.

The council is already going greener and has signed a charter on climate action that makes a commitment to take action on climate change, biodiversity and nature.

If you'd like to publicly state your wish to help make Swansea net zero carbon, sign the city's climate pledge now -

Photo: Swansea's new online Climate Pledge Wall.