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Public Participation Strategy

Section 40 of the Local Government & Elections (Wales) Act 2021 places a duty on each Principal Council to prepare and publish a Public Participation Strategy.

The Public Participation Strategy supports the Council's Consultation & Engagement Strategy.

The Public Participation Strategy aims to promote:

The Principal Council's functions.

  • How to become a Member (Councillor) of the Principal Council, and what membership (Being a Councillor) entails.
  • Accessing information about decisions made, or to be made, by the Principal Council.
  • Making representations to the Principal Council about a decision before, and after, it is made.
  • Arrangements made, or to be made, for the purpose of the Council's duty in section 62 of the 2011 Measure (bringing views of the public to attention of overview and scrutiny committees).
  • Benefits of Councillors using social media to communicate with local people.

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Last modified on 15 February 2023