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Focus on LAG Chair - Hamish Osborn

Hamish Osborn has been the chair of the Swansea local action group (LAG) since 2016.

Hamish Osbourn - RDP LAG member.

As Swansea Environment Team Leader for Natural Resource Wales, he brings a wealth of professional expertise in conservation, the environment sector and the management of natural resources to the role. With an excellent knowledge of the rural wards of Swansea, he is well placed to facilitate the work of the LAG members.

Hamish has also worked in rural development projects in Latin America - which, although very different in setting, have a surprising degree of commonality with community development work at home.

Under his stewardship LEADER funding has been awarded to 24 innovative projects which sought to build community resilience, maximise the local economy and increase the wellbeing of rural communities.

Here is what Hamish has to say about his role:

I feel honoured to have held the position of chairperson since 2016. Together with the team of LAG members, which are drawn for the public, private and third sectors, we have supported a wide range of innovative projects and we continue to do so.

Our work is guided by the local development strategy, however since it was first drafted in 2014, I am only too aware of how the local and global context has changed considerably.

We are all familiar with the threat of climate change presents to us all, and we acknowledge the impact that we are all having on the global ecosystem. If we combine this with the after-effects of a global pandemic, the value of strong communities, locally produced foods, rural-based services and strong independent business has been brought into sharp focus like never before. 

As a key agent of change, the LEADER programme has a unique opportunity to stimulate projects and initiatives within rural Swansea. As a LAG we will continue invite and seek opportunities to support the development of more new and innovative projects that help us achieve the vision we have for the area - for better, more prosperous, sustainable and resilient communities. 

My individual aim is to ensure that the management of local natural resources is able to support the wellbeing and prosperity of rural Swansea, I strive to make sure that any projects or developments supported by Swansea RDP embrace the sustainable management of our natural resources. 

My role within the LAG enables me to bring together:

  • my professional expertise conservation and the environment sector and the management of natural resources
  • my experience in project management, strategic planning and the implementation of large scale projects
  • my knowledge on the sustainable management of natural resources and how this links to community wellbeing and prosperity
  • my understanding of environmental regulation and advice on how projects/stakeholders can comply with statutory requirements

Working closely with the other LAG members I benefit from a depth of knowledge and a broad range of experiences which allows the team to have a positive impact on Swansea's rural landscape and population.

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