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Frequently asked questions about houses in multiple occupation

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about houses in multiple occupation.

How many licensed HMOs are in Swansea?

The number of licensed HMOs in Swansea along with their addresses are available at
If you require further information on the register or other aspects of HMO licensing, please contact the HMO team email

What is the true figure lost in council tax revenue from those properties being exempt from paying council tax?

Only certain houses in multiple occupation for council tax purposes (HMOs) such as those occupied solely by students are exempt from council tax. There is no loss of income to the council for properties that are legally exempt from council tax. The council tax base calculation that determines how many properties will be included in raising the required council tax excludes exempt properties.

What amount do you receive from either the Welsh Government or Westminster government in being reimbursed for the hundreds of properties not contributing to the same services which house owners have to pay to receive?

The Welsh Government determines the level of the Revenue Support Grant allocated to the council and this takes account of the number of properties that are exempt from council tax in the area. Any change to the amount of council tax payable by owners of exempt HMOs would require a change in primary legislation. The amount of Revenue Support Grant relating to exempt HMOs is not specified in the grant and is therefore not data held by us.

How can I request a copy of the HMO register?

You can search our register of licensed HMOs for a particular property or see what is licensed in a street on our web page.

HMO public register HMO public register

If you want to request a copy of the full register or if you require further information on the register or other aspects of HMO licensing, please email Please note is not necessary to submit a Freedom of Information request for this information.

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