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The South Wales Cottage Exhibition opens its doors to the public

There was a last-minute scramble to metal and roll the approach road and promenade before the exhibition opened to the public on 8 September 1910.

South Wales Cottage Exhibitions
In total, twenty-nine houses had been built by private designers on Llewellyn Circle and Nicander Parade. A further eight houses were built by Swansea County Borough Council on Tan y Marian Road.

There was a good deal of public interest in the exhibition. A steady stream of visitors came to see the houses: there were prospective builders looking for ideas, council officials, local dignitaries and members of the public who were curious to see the designs. Sir Raymond Unwin was one of a panel who reviewed the exhibits.

What they saw was a pleasing variety of cottages, built in pairs, threes and fours. Some were stone, some were brick, some were finished with render or faced with slate. There were gables and hipped roofs, porches and bay windows, with in the background the stunning panorama of Swansea Bay. The exhibition cottages (some of which are pictured here) still stand today as a testament to the efforts of the designers.

What happened next? Read about how the exhibition became an estate.

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