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Families fleeing Afghanistan arrive in city

Two families who have been forced to flee Afghanistan are settling into their new homes in Swansea with more set to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay

Swansea Council is taking part in a UK-wide scheme to welcome people who faced persecution as the Taliban take control of the country.

This week two families where members had worked for the British Government but were evacuated last month have arrived in the city.

They are being helped to settle in with support from the council and the Swansea-based charity EYST.

Another family is due in Swansea shortly and in response to the events of the last week Swansea Council has contacted the Home Office to offer further homes.

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart said: "The situation in Afghanistan could not be more serious with many people facing persecution and fearing for their lives as the Taliban has taken control.

"Before this crisis began Swansea Council had offered a home to some of those that were being evacuated over the previous few months but obviously the situation has rapidly deteriorated in the last week.

"We have contacted the Home Office again to say that we will continue to play our part in offering safe and welcoming homes to those that need them.

"The families that have arrived this week worked for the British Government in Afghanistan and had they not been evacuated then they faced a terrifying and unimaginable future.

"The UK and the West has a moral obligation to these people and as Wales' first City of Sanctuary we will do whatever we can.

"Our city has a proud tradition of welcoming people who flee conflict and persecution and in recent years we have seen families from countries including Syria, Iran and Iraq settle in Swansea.

"I will again make it clear this is not instead of our continued efforts to provide homes for people who live in Swansea or for people who are homeless it is in addition to these efforts.

"Our commitment to continue to build more affordable homes and more social housing for the people of Swansea will continue

"Our 'always a bed' pledge which ensures any homeless person requesting a safe place to sleep or support to find a place to live will be given assistance in Swansea will remain."

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