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Bus drivers to help with city-wide pothole scheme in Swansea

Bus operator First, has pledged to get on-board with Swansea Council's latest road repair scheme by reporting potholes its drivers encounter.


Swansea Council has made a promise to fix potholes that are reported to them within 48hrs in an effort to improve the city's road network.

The scheme was launched at the beginning of August and has led to more than 400 road defects being reported with all of them being fixed within the stated timescale.

Officials within public transport operator - First have welcomed the scheme and have said they will assist in reporting further road defects by getting bus drivers to keep an eye out for potholes they encounter on their daily routes.

Simon Cursio, First General Manager, said: "We are really pleased to see the great work Swansea Council is doing to quickly resolve pot holes in the city. This initiative really does make a difference in so many ways.

"Well maintained roads are central to buses being able to run smoothly, efficiently and safely for all of our staff and customers.

"We will continue to ask all of our drivers to highlight pot holes to us and will advise the council in reducing the number on the roads."

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transportation, said: "The pothole campaign has gone extremely well since its launch in August. We have managed to keep to our promise and fix what has been reported to us within 48hrs.

"The role of the public is essential to us in knowing where many of the road defects are.

"To have a major transport operator on board and assist us with this, will lead to even more improvements on our roads."

Recent statistics published by the Local Government Data Unit show that only around five percent of Swansea's roads are classed as in 'poor' condition. The results place Swansea the fourth best council in Wales.

Cllr Hopkins added: "Some may perceive that Swansea's roads are poorly maintained, possibly because they drive past potholes on a regular basis. In reality, we have some of the best maintained roads in Wales and we invest heavily in maintaining them.

"This year we ploughed an extra million pound into highway maintenance to make sure our roads are fit for purpose."

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