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Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr School - Curriculum led remodelling

This curriculum remodelling scheme aims to provide learners and staff of Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr with a safe, sound and fit for purpose 21st Century Learning environment; providing improved facilities to support independent learning.

Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr

This project is jointly funded by Welsh Government's 21st Century Schools programme and Swansea Council.

Swansea Council's Quality in Education (QEd) programme aims to:

  • raise standards of achievement and attainment for all children and young people
  • improve the quality of the learning environment
  • make the best use of human, physical and financial resources

The scheme will reuse with minor remodelling, the former Gowerton infant/nursery sites, vacated by the primary school on completion of the new build for Gowerton Primary in December 2015. There will also be remodelling and part refurbishment of the curriculum spaces within the existing Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr site. 

What does this mean?

The project will maximise on the development opportunities within both the Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr and former Gowerton infant/nursery buildings; to create appropriate and flexible learning spaces. 

The £1.35m investment will include the minor remodelling of the existing Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr building to provide:

  • an additional general classroom 
  • an additional science laboratory by converting the current 6th form common room
  • a reconfigured main foyer and reception to provide a more secure main access point to the school

Also the former Gowerton infant and nursery buildings will be remodelled to maximise the best use of existing space and will:

  • provide an additional 8 general classrooms
  • provide a more suitable 6th form learning resource centre
  • provide the replacement of a demountable structure with a brand new modular building
  • address the overall need for sufficient dining provision for all year groups

Work will be split into two phases to allow the pupils to remain safely on site for the duration of the work.

Community benefits

The council is committed to supporting local firms and creating jobs for local people. The council's own corporate building and property services will be the principle contractor for the works at the school. During the proposed works the council will use local suppliers, where possible, for materials and products. Contractors will be encouraged to employ local workers and offer work experience to unemployed young people.

Project update

March 2017

The refurbishment scheme at YG Gwyr has provided the opportunity for 5 long term unemployed people, to learn and develop work ready skills. Corporate Building and Property Services in partnership with the Beyond Bricks and Mortar team have helped the unemployed work experience candidates gain at least 13 weeks of on the job work experience; which will hopefully stand them in good stead as they move closer to the job market. In addition, the project at YG Gwyr has offered the opportunity for around 16 apprentices to gain over 230 valuable on site working days to further enhance their personal development and experience 
Also another aspect of community benefits offered by the programme of works is the provision of two work experience placements for 6th form pupils at the school. These placements have been offered and successfully completed at a crucial stage in the development of these pupils as they make the decision whether to stay in full time education or to venture into the labour market. We wish them well with their decision. 

October 2016

Phase 1 of the project has now been completed and Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr have taken possession of the newly refurbished former Gowerton infant and nursery sites. These sites will provide the 6th form pupils with a more suitable learning resource centre and common room. Also the whole school will benefit from an enhanced dining provision together with the introduction of an additional five classrooms with two more expected on site in March; with the introduction of the brand new modular building.


Project timeline

Key milestoneDateStatus
Submission of Business Justification CaseJanuary 2016Completed
Approval of Business Justification Case by Welsh GovernmentJune 2016Completed
Planning approvalJuly 2016Completed
Construction - phase 1 startSummer 2016Completed
Phase 1 completedOctober 2016Completed
Construction - phase 2 startDecember 2016Completed
Phase 2 completedtbc 
Project ClosureMarch 2017 

Project team

School - Katherine Davies, Headteacher

City and County of Swansea - Nicola Jones/Alayne Smith, Education Project Manager

Corporate Property and Building services

  • Mike Delaney, Architectual Project Manager
  • Darren Thomas, Programme and Contracts Manager
  • Steve Colwill, Site Manager


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