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Bank holiday information - May

Bank holiday information for our services, including opening times and emergency contacts. All recycling collections will take place on the usual days.


We currently sow around 40,000 square metres (almost 10 acres or about 6 football pitches) of wildflowers across approximately 190 sites in Swansea.

Wildflowers next to sea wall in Penclawdd.

Throughout late spring/summer the flowers offer a riot of bright colours for residents and visitors to enjoy, as well as providing important habitats for insects and wildlife across verges, roundabouts, parks and rough ground.

Our parks and nature teams work together to create these wildlife havens in order to conserve and improve the biodiversity of the area.

Make your own wildflower seed mix

You can buy these seeds in individual packets then mix them up together with some sand and sow them straight into the soil. You can try all of them together or choose a mix yourself. Make sure you check the packets for their coverage and adjust based on how many packets you are using and what area you want to sow.

These are a mixture of native and non-native, non-invasive species which all attract and feed pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.

  • Cornflower Blue
  • Cosmos mixed
  • Poppies Red
  • Calendula mixed
  • Borage Blue
  • Godieta mixed
  • Marlow mixed

Note that these are annuals - they will only last one year and will need to be sown every spring.

Future wildflower projects

We are currently trialling the sowing of native perennial seed mixes on areas of ground previously sown on which are now low in nutrients. We sowed some 5,000 square metres in autumn 2021. By sowing perennials it means that once they have been sown they will come back every year, dying back in the autumn and re-growing in the spring.

Our wildflower displays

This is a small selection of previous years' summer wildflower displays. Note that sites can vary from year to year. You can click on the image to view a larger version.


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