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Improvements to Council housing/Welsh Housing Quality Standard

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is the Welsh Government's target standard for all social housing in Wales.

Council housing improvements

What is the Welsh Housing Quality Standard?

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is the Welsh Government's target standard for all social housing in Wales and states that by 2020 all homes should be: 

  • In a good state of repair
  • Safe and secure
  • Adequately heated, fuel efficient and well insulated
  • Contain up to date kitchens and bathrooms
  • Located in attractive and safe environments
  • Suit the specific requirements of the household

You can read the full WHQSOpens new window on the Welsh Government website.  

What is Swansea Council doing to meet the WHQS?

Swansea Council has been progressing with work to improve homes and estates up to the WHQS by 2020.  There is an ongoing programme of works called the 'Housing Capital Programme' which sets out what repairs and improvements we will make to our 13504 council properties and 637 leasehold properties.  Every year around February time the Council sets the budget for the next financial year and determines what works will be undertaken as part of the annual Housing Capital Programme.

We are investing £169.5 million between now and 2020 so we reach the WHQS.  The work covers a variety of projects and some properties may need more work than others as properties are different ages, shapes and sizes, and built from different materials.  Swansea Council is working with a number of different contractors to carry out the improvements work.

How will Swansea Council pay for the work?

Welsh Government logo The funding is provided by a combination of council house rent income and borrowed money.  Part of this investment is also given to the Council as a Major Repair Allowance grant from the Welsh Government.  The amount of Major Rent Allowance allocated for 2018/19 is £9185,000.  This grant helps improve the lives of those who live in council homes as well as providing community benefits.

Work completed so far and future planned work

Properties will have external and internal work where required so it meets the WHQS.  Some properties may already meet the standard and will not need any work, but some may need a lot.

Tenants will be notified individually in advance, on what work is proposed for their home, including likely start dates and who the contractor will be.

The table below shows a summary of the work completed so far and future planned works:

Type of work to be carried outNumbers completed so farNumber to be done in the next 3 years, up to 2020
External doors13,5190
Smoke alarms13,5190
External facilities/gardens5,3008,219

If you have any questions or would like information about the schemes affecting your property, please contact your district housing office.

Here's a timetable of the kitchen and bathroom schedule

To find out more about work that has been completed so far and future planned work in the various areas of Swansea see  and Welsh Housing Quality Standard previous updates.

Is there any help and advice available whilst work is being carried out on my home?

The Council have a Housing Improvement team whose main role is to provide advice, support and guidance for
tenants before, during and after building repair works are carried out, working in partnership with the technical staff who project manage the schemes and the contractors who undertake the work.  

Before any repair work begins, the Housing Improvement Officer will contact tenants by letter or in person to explain what work will be undertaken, how long it may take and how it will affect you when work is in progress.  During the course of the work, the Housing Improvement Officer is available to assist with any concerns or complaints. After the work is completed, you'll be asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire to comment on the standard of service received.  Tenants can contact the team on 01792 635117 or email

Welsh Housing Quality Standard - Capital Programme update - Autumn 2018

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is the Welsh Government's target standard for all social housing in Wales.

Welsh Housing Quality Standard previous updates

Here are previous updates for tenants about the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

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