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Who is Foster Swansea?

Foster Swansea is the council's fostering service. With over 40-years' experience, we pride ourselves on providing high quality family placements for children and young people whose families are unable to care for them.

Contact usAs a Local Authority our policy is that children and young people should remain with their parents where this is safe, and we proactively support this.  Where this isn't possible we aim to provide placements that can provide a child with stability and a sense of security.

At Foster Swansea our values and principles underpin all our work with children and their families and we work using a child/family centred approach.  Foster Swansea believe that children and young people who are fostered deserve the highest standards of care and to receive a high quality service.

We work in partnership with all those involved in the child's life to ensure the best interests of the child are met.  Key to this is the service offered by our Foster Carers.

At Foster Swansea we value each and every one of our carers and the role they play greatly.  With over 130 families currently fostering with Foster Swansea, the skills, knowledge, experience and support they collectively bring to the service enables us to provide the best outcomes for children.

While we recognise that the fostering role can be difficult and demanding we view our carers as professionals who possess an ever increasing level of skills and responsibility.

At Foster Swansea we work with our carers to support and develop the unique task they do so fostering becomes a way of life that's rewarding, enjoyable and challenging!

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