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What is fostering?

Foster care means looking after someone else's child in your home and working closely with Foster Swansea and other key people involved in the child's life including their family.

Contact usFostering is one of the many services offered by the council to support families in crisis.  Where possible, we aim to keep families together, however sometimes children and young people need to be cared for outside of their families.

Children need foster carers for many reasons.  Sometimes there are problems between a child and his/her parents and all they need is a bit of help and time apart to sort things out.  Sometimes a parent might be going into hospital and there are no other family members to care for the child during this time.  Unfortunately, some children have been neglected or hurt and need to be moved for their own safety.  Whatever the cause, it is a difficult time for any child or young person.  Foster care can provide a stable, supportive and caring environment at this crucial time and can help children and young people grow in confidence.

Fostering is a professional task that requires an ever increasing level of skills and responsibility.  It is unique in that it allows you flexibility and room to develop your own skills and can become a way of life that is rewarding and enjoyable.  You will make a real difference to children's lives and transform not only yours and your family's life, but the lives of children and families in your local community.

Foster Swansea is looking for more foster carers in Swansea and is recruiting for a variety of fostering tasks.

Almost anyone can apply to foster but there are some things you'll need, like a spare bedroom.  To find out more about the diverse range of foster carers needed to meet the different needs of local children and young people, read Who can foster? and reserve your place at our next Fostering Information Evening.

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