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Welsh-medium Education in Swansea - frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Welsh-medium education in Swansea.

What is Welsh-medium education?

Welsh-medium education provides opportunities for children and young people to achieve fluency in the Welsh language through studying a broad range of subjects and disciplines in Welsh. Your child's English skills will also be developed in English lessons and through experiencing some aspects of the curriculum in English.

We don't speak Welsh at home, would be child stand out?

Not at all. In fact, the vast majority of children in Welsh-medium education in Swansea do not speak Welsh at home. For some of those, a language other than English is the main language of the home.

So, coming from a non-Welsh speaking background is absolutely normal and the curriculum is designed with that in mind.

Case study 1: YouTube - Samantha Goulder's story

Case study 2: YouTube - Laura Lewis' story

How can I help my child with homework if I don't speak Welsh?

As most children do not speak Welsh at home, Welsh-medium schools are very experienced in supporting both pupils and parents.

For younger pupils, homework instructions will be given in writing in both English and Welsh. At a later age, children will be able to explain their work to their parents themselves. In fact, research suggests that dealing with their work in two languages can actually help children understand the subject that they are studying.

Can I learn Welsh alongside my child?

Some parents, after choosing a Welsh-medium school for their child, decide to learn Welsh as well. It is a great opportunity to learn together, to practice your language skills on each other and spend quality time together.

Welsh for Adults courses are available throughout Swansea, and are suitable for learners at all levels. For further information, please visit:

What are the plans for Welsh-medium education in Swansea in the future?

Swansea Council has developed its Welsh in Education Strategic Plan which provides detail on our plans for a period of 3 years. The full plan is available here: Welsh in Education Strategic Plan.