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Welsh-medium Education in Swansea

Welsh-medium education has many advantages. Research shows that it is by far the best way to get children to be bilingual in both English and Welsh.

It is very useful as a skill in the workplace with the ability to speak Welsh being an essential or a desirable skill for a growing number of jobs.

The Welsh Government has also committed to developing a bilingual Wales through its Welsh-language strategy 'Cymraeg 2050' with a vision for reaching a million speakers by 2050.

The journey

Thinking of Welsh-medium education for your child? Croeso! There's a warm welcome for you on the journey.

Early Years: Flying Start

Flying Start is a Welsh Government funded programme and is available in targeted areas supporting all families to give 0-3 year olds a 'Flying Start' in life.

The scheme aims to provide intensive support services for children aged 0-3 years old and their families. The focus of the programme is on promoting language, cognitive, social and emotional skills, physical development and the early identification of high needs: Flying Start.

Early Years: Mudiad Meithrin and beyond

'Cymraeg for Kids' sessions

'Cymraeg for Kids' sessions are a great opportunity for parents to socialise and to start using Welsh with their baby or toddler. Search for Cymraeg i Blant on Facebook to find out more. 

Ti a Fi

There are over 500 Ti a Fi parent and baby groups in villages and towns across Wales. Babies and toddlers up to two years of age get a chance to play together, listen to stories and sing Welsh songs.

Both Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers are warmly welcomed and it's a great place to make new friends - for both grown-ups and children.  Mudiad Meithrin, a key organisation supporting early learning in Wales, runs the Ti a Fi groups.

Welsh playgroups

Mudiad Meithrin also organises playgroups - Cylchoedd Meithrin - for children age 2-4. It's an important age for learning a language and children get an opportunity to learn through play. Parents don't stay with their children at these groups.

Children 4-11

Whatever language you speak at home, Welsh-medium education can give children additional skills and more opportunities for the future. So even if you don't speak Welsh yourself, why not consider Welsh-medium education for your child? There are 10 designated Welsh-medium primary schools in Swansea: Welsh medium primary schools.

Young people 11-18

Welsh-medium primaries feed into Welsh-medium secondary schools, where your child will study and sit exams in Welsh. There are two designated Welsh-medium secondary schools in Swansea: Welsh medium secondary schools.

16 and beyond (outside the school setting)

More than one in every five pupils in Wales now attends a Welsh-medium school. So, if you've studied in Welsh to date, how do you continue learning once you leave school?

Your Welsh language journey does not end when you complete your studies at GCSEs! Both our Welsh-medium secondary schools offer a breadth of A-level options or you might choose to go to college and study one of the number of courses that Gower College Swansea have available through the medium of Welsh: Gower College/speaking Welsh (opens new window).

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Welsh-medium education in Swansea.

The bilingual journey

The bilingual journey - choosing a Welsh-medium education.

Abertawe 2023

Abertawe 2023 establishes our education priorities and how we in Swansea will work in partnership to deliver our vision.
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