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Coronavirus - volunteer shopping payment options

Advice about the safest way to pay for your shopping if a volunteer is doing it for you.

Many people across the country have gone shopping for those who can't do it themselves, and the service they provide is invaluable.

However, it is important to make sure you stay safe:

  • Swansea Trading Standards are warning people to be extra vigilant against a number of scams which are circulating and play on people's fears of the coronavirus:
  • Make sure you trust your volunteer before you give them any money, hand it over in a contact-free way, such as by putting it in an envelope and leaving it somewhere for your volunteer to pick up. It's also helpful to pay the exact amount if you can, so your volunteer doesn't need to hand you change.
  • Avoid giving the volunteer your own debit or credit card to use and never tell anyone your pin number.
  • It's also an idea to pay for the shopping once you have it, although this may not be possible if the volunteer's own finances are tight.

We have provided details of a number of options for paying for your shopping, most of which do not include handing over money.

Supermarket volunteer cards or gift cards

Volunteer shopping card e-gifts can be bought easily online.

Post Office services

Payment and banking services available.

Cheques/bank transfers

Payment to volunteers via cheque or bank transfer.


Support on offer (check your bank's website for updates).

Credit union

Support on offer.

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