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Uswitch audio guides - How energy, mobile and broadband suppliers are helping vulnerable people during COVID -19.

We've looked into different ways we can help out and have decided to take the Uswitch Community events outreach programme from offline to online:

Creating audio versions of our online guides to help reach vulnerable members of our communities.

  • We have identified that some members may have challenges accessing our current online guides due to literacy difficulties or to having visual impairments for instance.
  •  We have started by focusing on three guides relating to what mobile, broadband and energy pandemic.
  • Our aim is to then expand these audio adaptations to our other guides on energy, broadband and mobile.

Here are links to the three guides:

It is possible to download the audio guides from the links attached and send them as attachments directly via apps like WhatsApp and messenger, this may be useful for individuals who might not have access to a desktop or laptop computer, but might have access to a smartphone.