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Using your Blue Badge

Your Blue Badge will come with a Rights and Responsibilities booklet from the Welsh Government.

Blue Badge: Rights and ResponsibilitiesOpens new window

The leaflet provides information on how and when your badge should be used, including where you can and can't park. It also includes information about using your Blue Badge abroad.

Important things to remember

  • Your Blue Badge must be displayed on top of the dashboard or fascia panel of the vehicle where it can be clearly read.
  • The side showing the wheelchair symbol must face forward so the expiry date is legible from outside the vehicle and the time of arrival must be set on the clock.
  • If you do not display the badge properly, then you may be given a parking ticket.
  • When no parking concessions are being used, badges/clocks/wallets should be removed from view so they do not provide a target for thieves.
  • If a parking enforcement officer asks you to show them the badge, you are required by law to do so. If you don't, you can face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.


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