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Unitary development plan (UDP)

The City and County of Swansea Unitary Development Plan (UDP) was adopted on 10th November 2008. It is the most up to date Development Plan covering the authorities' administrative area and is used in the determination of planning applications. The UDP sets out a range of policies and proposals relating to future development, and deals with the use and conservation of land and buildings within the City and County up to 2016.

The UDP is based firmly on sustainable planning principles. This is reflected in its spatial strategy and overall approach to the pattern, form and distribution of new development.

The UDP Written Statement consists of a single document in two parts: Part 1 of the Plan sets out the overall strategy and Part 2 contains the detailed policies and site specific proposals for delivering that strategy. This is complemented by a set of land use plans that comprise the UDP Proposals Map.

The UDP is available to view in either Interactive or PDF format. The interactive UDP allows quicker and easier access to individual policies in the Written Statement and offers a fully searchable Proposals Map. The Map also provides policy search results for specific areas and provides links to those policies in the Written Statement. To view the Interactive UDP please click the relevant link below: 

Interactive UDP Written Statement 

Interactive UDP Proposals Map

UDP written statement

The UDP written statement is available to download from this page.

UDP proposals map

The UDP proposals maps are available to download from this page.

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