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Trading advice

Our business advice sheets provide information you need to comply with consumer law. They are arranged by topic to help you find the best information for your business.

The content on these pages is provided by the Trading Standards Institute and contains the most up to date advice on the subjects.

Age restricted products

This guide introduces you to age-restricted products and the minimum age of the young people you can legally sell them to.

Animal health and welfare

If you keep livestock, the law covers the health and well-being of your animals, as well as animal feeding stuffs.

Consumer rights (inc. selling methods)

Consumers' rights when they buy goods (without services) from you, including information on when to offer a refund, repair or replacement.

Fair trading (inc. pricing)

The rules that cover displaying prices, unit and sale pricing, and taking payments legally and fairly.

Food and drink

What the law says on preparing and selling food and drink, including hygiene, composition, labelling and packing.

Other trading standards advice

General business guidance, and a list of activities you may not expect to be covered by trading standards legislation.

Product safety

If you import, produce or distribute goods, including second-hand, the law states they must be safe for the consumer to use.

Weights and measures

If you weigh or measure goods to sell to consumers, the law states that your equipment must be both suitable and accurate.

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