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Croeso food festival - Trade stand terms and conditions

Croeso trade stand terms and conditions.

Food stalls

Exhibitors selling food or drink such as cheese; fresh meats; cakes; bread; bottled ales etc. for consumption off the event site will be located within the food market area.


Any exhibitor who cancels a booking for whatever reason, who fails to attend, shall forfeit all fees paid and the event office shall reserve the right to re-let such sites. No refunds will be given due to bad weather.

Setting up and dismantling

Exhibitors are advised that the set up time will be from 7am - 9.30am. Please ensure your exhibit does not extend beyond the area you have booked. Exhibits can dismantle from 5.00pm each day. Overnight security will patrol the area throughout the night for those leaving display stands overnight. Security will patrol the site at night and whilst every effort will be made to protect property, the Organisers cannot guarantee the security of Caterers property.

Parking for exhibitors

All vehicles must be off site by 9.30am and will not be able to return to site until after 5.30pm. One free parking space for each application is available in East Burrows car park (off Somerset Place).

Security, Licensing and Public Liability

All exhibitors enter at their own risk.

All exhibitors must ensure they have a minimum of 2 million pounds pubic liability insurance which is valid for the event dates.

All exhibits must make sure they have the necessary licenses to legally conduct their business on the day.

For alcohol sellers the festival has its own premises licence from the local authority. Therefore you will only need to pay an alcohol surcharge with your application. All alcohol sellers will need to complete the alcohol traders agreement, challenge 25 posters will be displayed in your area and traders must follow this guidance. We strongly recommend that stalls selling alcohol are overseen by a personal licence holder.

Health and safety

All exhibitors have a responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others. The organiser shall not be held responsible by any exhibitor or their staff, agents or members of the public for any injury or loss due to negligence or unsafe displays.

The organisers shall not be held responsible for loss or damage of stock or equipment, caused during the festival.

Fire safety equipment, Co2 and water fire extinguishers will be placed in the marquee/stalls, caterers that cook on site are required to have adequate fire fighting equipment including fire blankets.

Environmental health and trading standards

Details of your food rating and registered authority will be sent in advance of the event to Swansea's Environmental Health and Trading Standards.

Water supplies

The Organisers are unable to provide a water supply to any trader. Although water points will be available near the event.

All food and drink containers must be either reusable or recyclable or compostable. No glass or shattered plastic is permitted. No polystyrene is to be used.

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