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Community Alarm Service (lifeline) - terms and conditions

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions set out by the Community Alarm Service.

1. The annual charge is:

£150.80 excluding VAT.

£180.96 including VAT.

Please complete the VAT relief section of the online form if you qualify for VAT relief. If the VAT relief section is not completed, your invoice will automatically include VAT.

There are two different categories of VAT relief. Please complete if applicable.

i)  People receiving an assessed package of care for example, hospital equipment or receiving domiciliary care.

ii) People with chronic illness or disability.

2. Price is valid from 1 April 2020 and is subject to annual review as set out in the council's agreed charging policy.

3. The council reserves the right to vary such charges by means of an annual review and with at least 14 days written notice.

4. There will be one invoice per year collected in 4 quarterly instalments currently at:

£37.70 per quarter (without VAT).

£45.24 per quarter (with VAT).

5. The direct debit mandate must be completed and returned to the address on the mandate. If you are unable to pay by direct debit other payment methods are available and you will receive an invoice requesting payment in full. Alternative payment plans can be requested once you have received your invoice by contacting our Accounts Receivable Department on Telephone 01792 635847.

6. Charges will apply until you return your equipment. Note: It is your responsibility to obtain a receipt for the return of your equipment as any unreturned or un-receipted equipment will be invoiced at the current annual charge. We strongly advise you to inform your next of kin of this information in order that they are aware of the need to return the equipment on your behalf should you be unable to return the equipment yourself.

7. No service charges will be allowed to remain unpaid.

8. All efforts will be made to contact the service user so that suitable arrangements can be made to pay the invoice.

9. The equipment and all accessories remain the property of the Swansea Council. Please contact 01792 648999 if you no longer wish to continue with the service.

10. The equipment is used in accordance with the instructions given.

11. The subscriber is responsible for the electricity and telephone charges arising from the use of the equipment and for its insurance.

12. Where an alarm call is made to the service and your nominated contacts are unobtainable, the service will contact the emergency services including the police who may, if appropriate, force entry to the property in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the subscriber. Restoration of any reasonable damage caused will be the responsibility of the subscriber.

13. Personal information - it is the responsibility of the service user to advise the service of any charges to their personal circumstances including changes to their keyholder, contacts information or changes to your telephone provider.

14. The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that a successful test call is made where a telephone provider has been changed since the original installation to ensure continuation of service.

15. The service user must test their pendant once a month.

16. Swansea Council shall not be held liable for any failure in the equipment, as a result of the equipment not being used or tested in accordance with the instructions given.

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