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Bank holiday information - May

Bank holiday information for our services, including opening times and emergency contacts. All recycling collections will take place on the usual days.

Make improvements yourself to your council house

Every contract holder has the right to make improvements to their home, such as installing new kitchen units, building a wall in the garden or installing a new shower or bath.

However, you will need the written consent from us. We will not withhold consent as long as the request is reasonable and doesn't make your property less safe, incur us costs or reduce the value of the property.

Write to your local area housing office outlining your plans, giving as much detail as possible. They will check that there are no management objections to your proposal and forward your plans to the Maintenance Unit. A technical officer will visit your property to determine the feasibility of the work and what information is needed from you for work to proceed. If planning permission or building regulations are needed the relevant forms will be sent to you.

If we approve your proposal you will be sent conditional approval and you will be told of any guidelines you need to follow during and following the work. We will respond to your request for consent within 1 month of receiving it (or within 1 month of receiving additional information if it has been requested). When the work is complete again a technical officer will visit to inspect the work. If they are unsatisfied with the work you will be given 28 days to remedy it. If the work is still not rectified after this time period we may carry out work ourselves and recharge you.

If you have already carried out improvements to your home without consent, you should apply for 'retrospective' permission.

If you decide to move from your home you may be entitled to compensation for any improvements you have made as long as consent was received from us.


Asbestos is an issue which you should be aware of before carrying out any improvements to your home.

When you submit details of your planned improvements we may need to arrange for a technical inspector to call out.

This is to ensure that proper controls are put in place to reduce any possible exposure to you, your family and the person carrying out the work (if not yourself). There are strict regulations relating to the removal and disposal of asbestos, and if you carry out any work without written approval, you may be liable for any costs that may be incurred.

If you are in doubt as to whether any material already contains asbestos, or if you think your home may contain damaged asbestos material, then contact your area housing office.

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