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Council tenants and leaseholders - get involved

Get involved in one of our groups or panels to let us know what you think about the housing service and how it can be improved.

You can decide how involved you want to be.

City and county wide groups

These groups deal with issues that relate to a specific service area such as repairs. The key groups are:

Tenant consultative panel

This panel meets to discuss a wide range of high level issues that affect tenants on a city and countywide level. The panel is sometimes used as a sounding board with key housing service staff running new ideas and initiatives past the group, to gain an understanding of tenants' views regarding a specific issue. In addition a tenant consultative panel database is maintained, containing the names of tenants who are keen to offer their views on issues usually via postal questionnaires.

Building and repairs group

This group meets quarterly and focuses on customer satisfaction in relation to the council's day-to-day repairs service and other improvement works that affect tenants' properties.

Estate management and caretaking panel

This group meets quarterly to work though an action plan created by the tenant consultative panel, which focuses on the estate caretaking service and issues affecting the tenants on the estates.

Independent living representatives group

Tenant representatives from the council's independent living complexes meet with the Independent Living Manager on a quarterly basis to discuss key issues that affect specifically independent housing tenants.

Open House feedback group

This is a small group of tenants that meets to provide valuable feedback about the quarterly tenants' magazine Open House. They also help to develop ideas for future editions which include suggestions about layout, design, content and articles.

Tenant steering group

The membership of this group is made from nominations from the tenant consultative panel. It is their role to oversee the work of the local tenant participation strategy.

Annual network meeting

The annual network meeting provides the opportunity for representatives from each of the city and county wide groups to come together and share their experiences, ideas and groups progress. At the last meeting in September 2019 groups provided an update on their progress. Feedback was positive and work plans were agreed for the next year.


Local estate groups

These groups are aimed at people who want to discuss, influence and be consulted on issues that affect their community. There are a number of ways tenants can become involved with local issues. 

Formal tenant and resident groups

Tenants and residents can establish formal groups to represent the views of their community. Groups need to satisfy a number of criteria which includes having a minimum number of tenants attending meetings and having an elected committee. Groups that satisfy the list of criteria are eligible for financial support from the council, depending on the number of properties within the boundaries of the association. If you are considering setting up a formal group, contact the Participation Officer who can offer you practical advice, training and support.

Informal tenant and resident groups

Often tenants do not wish to set up a group that has a high degree of formality associated with it. Informal groups are still actively supported by the council's Participation Officer and can organise local events such as litter picks and social events. If you are considering setting up an informal group, contact the Participation Officer who can offer you practical advice, training and support.

Other community groups

Local area coordination provides help and support in the community.


If you would like more information on these groups, please contact the Participation Officer, Alison Winter on 07775 221 453 or 01792 635043, email:

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