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Fire safety advice for council tenants

Advice on how you can reduce the chance of a fire and what you should do if there is a fire.

The fire service provide information on how to prevent a fire and also what to do if a fire breaks out in your home: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service - safety in your home

They also provide a 'Safe and Well' visit to provide a home fire safety check: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service - safe and well visit

If you spot something which might be a safety hazard, report it to your local area housing office.

Report repairs needed: Request a housing repair


Additional fire safety information for tenants in flats

Please remember that other people live in the building. Everyone is responsible for fire safety in the building and in their own home. Following these safety rules will help.

  • When you move in you will be given safety advice, including what to do if there is a fire 
  • We will carry out regular checks on safety equipment such as fire alarms 
  • You must not tamper with fire safety equipment - it is against the law and can endanger others 
  • Do not tamper with fire doors and do not remove the door closer - these are for your safety and the safety of others in the building 
  • Keep fire doors closed 
  • Report problems or damage to fire doors or safety equipment to the area housing office 
  • Do not leave rubbish, furniture, carpets or any items in communal areas 
  • Do not put mats or carpets down on the landing areas (you can use a small fire retardant door mat)
  • Do not smoke in communal areas in the building 
  • Test your smoke alarms monthly. Report any problems to the Repairs Call Centre immediately
  • Do not touch dry riser inlets on landings. It could cost lives if they are not working properly. If you see a dry riser vandalised, report it immediately to your area housing office.
  • Do not park vehicles by the entrance to your block of flats or in keep clear areas. Access roads should be kept clear and are designed so fire engines can get as close as possible to deal with fires.

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