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Tenancy agreements in support of residents parking

If you live in a HMO (multiple occupancy house) and cannot obtain the Council Tax reference, please fill in this form to provide us with your tenancy agreement. A number of cross checks will have to be made before the decision is given.

Before completing this form: Unless your V5 log book, your driving licence (or a utility bill), and your details on the Swansea electoral register matches your Swansea address (or you intend to update them within the next 2 months) then you will not be eligible for a permit.

  1. Fields marked * are required
  2. Your details
  3. Vehicle details
  4. Vehicle evidence
    1. Does your V5 log book show the Swansea address where you live? *
      1. If your V5 log book shows a different address, do you intend to change the address on your V5 log book and driving licence with the DVLA to the address you have declared as your residence on this form?
      2. On completion of this online form a virtual permit will be issued which is valid for one year.

        If the necessary documents are not produced within 2 months and you do not put your name on the Swansea electoral register then the permit will be cancelled.

    2. We need to see a copy of the 2 pages holding details of your address / vehicle registration number and the make, model and weight.
      1. If you don't have a scanner, you can send us an image of the document taken using your mobile phone as long as the image is of good quality and the text in the document is clearly readable.
  5. Tenancy agreement
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