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Drivers - hackney carriage and private hire

All hackney carriage and private hire drivers must be licensed by us. They must wear a photographic identity badge at all times, when they are working.

Complete a tax check for a taxi or private hire Complete a tax check for a taxi or private hire

Passengers should check that the driver is wearing an identity badge and that the expiry date shown has not passed. A second badge should be prominently displayed in the vehicle.

Dual drivers badges can be white, yellow or green in colour and display the

  • drivers photograph
  • name
  • drivers number, and
  • expiry date.

If you are travelling in a white private hire car or black taxi you will need to look out for the white or the yellow badges being worn by drivers.

If you use licensed vehicles to go to school or college you can expect to see the white or the green badges being worn by the driver.

For your own safety do not get into any vehicle if a valid drivers badge is not being displayed.

Drivers should help to carry a reasonable amount of passengers luggage and will also help load and unload luggage if asked.  Drivers are expected to call at the door when collecting passengers.  They should not sound their horn to show their presence. 

All drivers are required to have a police check, medical and undertake a knowledge test before receiving a licence.

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