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Team Around the Family in Swansea

Team Around the Family is a way of working together with families with additional needs broader than one service can address.

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Team Around the Family offers a means of ensuring that, where a family has multiple needs that are broader than one service can address, families are:

  • identified early and effectively;
  • have their strengths and needs assessed; and
  • best use is made of all local resources to ensure that the family and community strengths are harnessed and problems are prevented from escalating.

 What is Team Around the Family?

  • TAF is a holistic way of working in partnership that allows for the whole family to receive support that is co-ordinated.
  • Works with 0-11 years parents and carers

TAF offers a means of ensuring that where a family's difficulties become both multiple and broader than one service can address, families:

  • Have strengths and needs assessed
  • Considers the needs for the whole family
  • Facilitation of communication between families and professionals via prior agreed consent
  • Prevention and intervention
  • Promotion of multi-agency working
  • Information sharing process PISP/WASPI

Team around the family in schools (TIS)

TIS is a radical, innovative and sustainable initiative to support Swansea primary school children.

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