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Swansea tower blocks

Key facts on tower blocks owned by the City and County of Swansea as at July 2019.

Our properties

  • There are 11 residential tower blocks owned by us, with a total of 671 flats
  • The locations are: Croft Street, Dyfatty (two blocks); Jeffreys Court, Penlan (one block); Matthew Street, Dyfatty (two blocks); Griffith John Street, Dyfatty (two blocks); Clyne Court, Sketty (three blocks); Rheidol Court, Clase (one block).
  • They were all built in 1963-64.
  • Two blocks have more than 11 storeys; neither has cladding. Nine blocks are below 11 storeys; two do not have cladding.
  • We have not used any ACM products with the more flammable Polyethylene core and all our cladding systems are recognised by fire safety experts as being safer.
  • Completed and on-going refurbishment projects at our blocks have only used non-combustible cladding and fixing frames. These are subject to detailed inspection and approval.
  • Word Document High rise flats owned by the City and County of Swansea (Word, 23KB)Opens new window

Fire safety features

  • Each flat has hard-wired smoke detectors which are tested annually as part of our gas service inspection.
  • Each flat and communal area has a one-hour FD60-rated resistant fire door. 
  • Dry-risers - integrated pipes which can feed large quantities of water to all floors in the event of a fire - are fitted in all towers. This means that fire fighters have access to the water they need to reach all properties should there be an incident.
  • Fire breaks are fitted; these further reduce the risk of a blaze spreading.

Fire safety advice issued to our tenants

  • If there is a fire in your flat.
    • Alert everyone in your flat to get out.
    • Close the door behind you
    • Make your way down the stairs - never use the lifts.
    • Once outside call 999 and ask for the fire service.
  • If the fire is elsewhere in your block.
    • You are safe to stay in your flat and take advice and guidance from the fire service.
    • However, if you feel threatened - or if your smoke alarm goes off - leave the block.
    • All our high-rise blocks use this "stay put" policy. We have confirmed with the fire service that this is appropriate due to the high fire safety standards in our blocks.

Fire safety processes

  • All the blocks comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We carry out a fire risk assessment on all blocks as required under this order and with reference to guidance documents such as the UK Government's Fire Safety Risk Assessment: Sleeping Accommodation and the Local Government Association's Fire Safety in Purpose built Blocks of Flats.
  • All communal areas have a full annual risk assessment carried out by us and the fire service to ensure all blocks are to the highest standard. Any issues identified are addressed immediately.
  • Neighbourhood Council officers regularly inspect blocks to ensure any combustible materials and hazards are removed from communal areas.
  • Fire service experts visit every block as part of their annual safety audit. They offer all residents free fire safety checks for their flats at any time.
  • Stairways of high rise blocks are checked weekly for any obstructions and these are removed accordingly
  • The presence of fire doors in high rise blocks are checked weekly.

Our ongoing work

  • We will continue to work closely with the fire service to review safety and will consider lessons from the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
  • We will do our utmost to keep tenants safe and properly informed - a commitment to installing sprinkler systems in all blocks is confirmation of that.
  • We are proactively seeking to make public as much information as possible to enable the public to understand the situation regarding cladding systems and safety in Swansea.
  • Jeffreys Court and the 2 blocks in Matthew Street have now got a fully working sprinkler system in the flats and all communal areas. Work has started on the sprinkler systems at Clyne Court and block 1 is almost complete.


  • Fire safety checks in schools are carried out by the individual school and records of these checks will be held by the individual schools. As schools are data controllers in their own right, any request for information must be sent to the school.
  • School contact details

Freedom of Information requests

  • Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy we received a number of FoI requests on the subject of fire safety. Where possible we are providing a full response.
  • In some responses we have chosen to summarise information or to not release elements at all. Examples include requests for physical copies of test results, detailed information on inspection/maintenance regimes and copies of risk assessments.
  • We strive to be as transparent as possible and do not seek to hide any information.

With regard to Grenfell Tower:

  • We have never procured the use of the companies highlighted by the media to be involved in the supply of materials to the Grenfell Tower
  • Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we acted swiftly to reassure tenants of our tower blocks that fire safety continued to be paramount. We delivered letters to each flat, setting out the fire safety measures we had taken and the advice for tenants in the event of a fire.
    • We reassured the public with these press releases:
    DatePress release
    14/8/17 PDF Document Contractors back to complete remaining cladding work at Clyne Court (PDF, 101KB)Opens new window
    11/8/17 PDF Document Sprinkler work to start at Swansea Council's high-rise blocks of flats (PDF, 106KB)Opens new window
    27/7/17 PDF Document Further reassurance for council high-rise tenants in Swansea (PDF, 102KB)Opens new window
    07/7/17 PDF Document Council welcomes further tests on high-rise building cladding (PDF, 241KB)Opens new window
    05/7/17 PDF Document Cladding system passes independent building standards test (PDF, 125KB)Opens new window
    02/7/17 PDF Document High-rise tenants to receive further reassurance messages (PDF, 200KB)Opens new window
    22/6/17 PDF Document Fire safety experts set to visit every council high-rise block in coming weeks (PDF, 103KB)Opens new window
    14/6/17 PDF Document Council reassures high-rise block tenants over fire safety (PDF, 105KB)Opens new window
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