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Tales Of A Welsh Rarebit (Arts Wing)

The production is an adaptation of the book 'An Expert in My Field' written by Marianne Pettifor.

Tales Of A Welsh Rarebit 2
5 Sep 2019
Swansea Grand Theatre
Singleton Street, Swansea, SA1 3QJ

Tickets: £6.50
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Savoury aromatic mouth-watering delicious that's a Welsh rarebit and that exactly describes Marianne Pettifor herself. Her delightful anecdotal portrayal of a dysfunctional but devoted family is an epochal tale of how she created order out of the chaos of her childhood.

The stories are joyous and full of a natural humour that was part of the structure of life managing a country hotel amid a menagerie of pets and farm animals.

Written by Marianne Pettifor, performed by Fluellen Theatre Company.

All proceeds going to charity The Pettifor Trust, devoted to the welfare of animals.

Telephone: 01792 475715
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