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Port Health Authority international catering waste

International catering waste (ICW) is controlled in order to prevent the introduction of exotic notifiable diseases such as Foot and Mouth disease into the UK.

International catering waste (ICW) is galley/catering waste and any other material that it is mixed with such as disposable cutlery or plates, that is produced by a vessel that has operated at any time outside the EU, even if all stores are sourced within the EU. This category 1 by product may not be disposed of in the general skips in port and if you intend to land ICW a specialist skip/container should be organised. ICW must be transported in a covered, leakproof container for immediate disposal and the containers must be disinfected with a Defra approved disinfectant.

Any food waste produced by a vessel after re-entering the EU will be considered domestic waste if the galley and provision stores are cleaned, disinfected and restocked with EU provisions. A written declaration must then be completed and forwarded to the local regional Animal and Plant Health Agency office. The form and further information may be obtained from (opens new window)

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