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Port Health Authority charges

Details of our services and the charges for them.

Ship sanitation charges

Charges are set by the Association of Port Health Authorities and are based on the gross tonnage of vessels. The current charges from 1 April 2023 are:

Ship sanitation charges
Gross tonnage of vesselRate
up to 1000£125
1001 - 3000£170
3001 - 10,000£250
10,001 - 20,000£325
20,001 - 30,000£415
over 30,000£480
Vessels with 50 - 1,000 persons£480
Vessels with over 1,000 persons£820

Extra charges, based on actual costs, may be added for expenses incurred. These include launch hire; out-of-hours duty; travel and extended or re-inspections of ships due to 'Control Measures' etc.

Water sample charges 2021 - 2022

We currently impose no charges for bacteriological samples of drinking water taken from ships or quayside installations for public health purposes. Charges for any chemical sampling requests from masters include travel and fees for analysis and currently are £140.00 per sample. Any sampling taken of water from distribution lines, hydrants etc pursuant to the Private Water regulations are charged on a cost recovery basis.

Legionella sampling is available by request. Cost at present is £100.00 for the first sample and £40.00 for any subsequent samples, which includes travelling costs and analyst fees.

Permitting prescribed processes

Currently, there are 5 coal handling, 3 cement handling processes and 1 mobile plant operating within the jurisdiction of the Authority. The scale of charges relevant to the processes in our jurisdiction is set by statute - the Local Authority Permits for Part B Installations and Mobile Plant and Solvent Emission Activities (Fees and Charges) (Wales) Scheme 2016.

Scale of charges 2020-2021
Application Fee£1629
Annual Subsistence Fees 
High risk£1723
Medium risk£1145
Low risk£762
Mobile Plant£637

Since 2015 most processes are now classed as reduced fee activities

Reduced Fee ActivitiesFee
High risk£542
Medium risk£359
Low risk£223 

Food hygiene ratings

In line with other local authorities in Wales, the Fee for revisits to and re-scoring a food business is £180. You can find out more on our Request a re-inspection of your food business page.

Precept requirement

The Board sets a precept requirement upon its constituent 'Riparian' Authorities in January each year, reflecting the expenditure requirements and estimated income. The precepts set for the financial year 2021-2022 are shown in the opposite table.

Local authorityFee
Swansea Council£88,281
Neath Port Talbot Council£45,767
Bridgend Council£17,795
Vale of Glamorgan Council£2,896
Total precept£154,739